Place of Worship

Place of worship: Calvary Victory Church, Sturry Social Centre, 15 Mill Road, Canterbury. CT2 0AN
Time: 9am to 10.30 every Sunday

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Calvary Victory Church
You are welcome in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to the website of Calvary Victory Church. The Church was established by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in 1995 and is a growing church. This Church is well known as a palace of praise, worship and prayer where God confirm His words with wonders and signs.
Rev. Sam Akintoye

Rev. Sam Akintoye

Senior Pastor

Raised under the roof of disciplined and religious parents, I grew up with the fear of God in my heart and an indescribable love to participate in most church activities. Encouraged by my parents, I joined the Methodist Church Cathedral Choir at a very tender age and at a later age, lived in the vicage of a Christ Apostolic Church. Today reflecting back at my early years, I can modestly say that God used those years as a formative period to prepare me ahead for a great task in the ministries.

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