Psalms 139:1-10 (4) – You know what I am going to say even before I say it, LORD. (NLT)

A toddler had just picked up some vocabulary and could form a few words. Whenever the father was going out, the child would say “pye-pye”. The Dad would respond, and she would want him to take her along. As lovely as this seems, the parents also had times when they struggled to understand the baby, especially when she tries to pass across a long message, and you could see the frustration on her tender face.

The toddler knows what she desired, but the parents could not help because they never understood her. I can boldly tell you that this is not so with our God, who knows all our needs, gestures, and thoughts. He sees your pains and frustrations, and before you open your mouth, He perceives what you are about to say (Isaiah 65:24). He saw you kneeling with your heart so compressed that you could not utter a word only to cry. He knows the reason behind those tears. There are about 6500 universal languages, yet God understands them all. He hears you regardless of your race and ethnicity. Even to those that could not speak, He listens to them from the deepest recess of their hearts.

David, in our Bible reading, verified that the Lord perceives his thoughts and intentions. What a great privilege that God sees and understands us more than we can ever imagine. When you are weak and your faith shakes, approach the throne of grace just as you are. When it seems the world is crashing, let your heart continually pant after the Lord. Pray, study the word, and never lose grip of the Holy Spirit. He shall help your weakness and intercede for you (Romans 8:26-28).


Hymn — Just As I am, Without One Plea — Charlotte Elliott (1755)

01. Father, I thank You for You are mine and that You know me inside out.


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