Luke 23:1-56 (43): Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” (NIV)

On a day like today, Christ was beaten, mocked and ordered to carry the cross on which He would get crucified (John 19). So, it’s difficult to see what’s good about the Good Friday. In fact, some countries such as Germany, call the Good Friday ‘Karfreitag’, meaning: ‘Sorrowful Friday’. Regardless of what the world terms it, the tag: ‘Good Friday’ is very appropriate because the suffering and death of Jesus marked the dramatic turning point for humanity!

The Good Friday symbolised our redemption from sin and hell (Romans 5:6-11), and it’s a season of reflection on Christ’s sacrifices; His crucifixion and resurrection at Easter. The cross at Calvary signifies mercy, forgiveness and peace (Psalms 85:10). No wonder! In our text, right there at Jesus’ execution, a convicted criminal got saved after he acknowledged Him as the Lord and Saviour.

Beloved, have you been condemned too? You also can be saved if you repent and accept Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17). Oh! Perhaps what could yet make the Good Friday a terrible day, is when we still live in sin because iniquity makes God’s redemptive plan, valueless (Proverbs 14:34). Therefore, to enjoy the benefits of salvation, live a life of holiness so that the Good Friday will forever be good for you till eternity!


Hymn: O Happy Day – Philip Doddridge (1755)

1. Father, thank You for paying for my salvation.

2. Lord, I refuse to let Your death be in vain. I repent! Please, forgive me.

3. Father, rescue me from shame, death, and hell.

4. Saviour, empower me to fulfil my destiny!

5. Anger of God! Destroy every gang up against the church, neighbours and me.

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