Psalms 27:10-14 (10): Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me. (NIV)

Have you tried touching a puppy or a newly hatched chick? You’d better stay clear because the ‘hen’ may hurt you to protect her newborn. If animals could do such, how much more your mother who took you in for nine months? God bless the woman! However, “Can the mother neglect her baby?”

A hard thing! But remember the adage which says: “In a situation where a fire burns a man and his child, the man will first rescue himself.” No wonder, God said in Isaiah 49:15-16, that even when that’s the case, He will never forsake you and me (Isaiah 43:1-7). In other words, your mother (father, siblings or spouse) can abandon you! We saw an example of this when Rebecca worked against Esau because she loved Jacob more. Also, Joseph got sold by his brothers (Genesis 27, 37).

Beloved, the world may be full of broken promises from the government to the people, among friends, couples and parent to children as David exclaimed in our text. In fact, it may sometimes feel as if God had forgotten you, but hold on! (Deuteronomy 31:6). For, He who created you has your name carved on the palms of His hands, and He will never let you down, come rain or shine (Isaiah 41:10-14). Be Born Again!


Hymn: Jesus Loves Even Me — Philip P. Bliss (1870)

1. Father, You said you’ll never leave me. Please, arise for my sake lest the world laughs me to scorn.


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