Romans 8:17-19 (18): Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later. (NLT)



Joseph became the Egyptian Prime Minister at 30 and reigned for 80 YEARS! This same man was in prison for at least five years, yet he spent the next 80 years in honour, royalty, abundance and comfort (Genesis 41:41-45, 50:26). Similarly, Job went through the roughest path and still refused to curse God even when his wife prompted him (Job 2:9-10). But, see what Job 42:12 says: “So the LORD blessed Job in the second half of his life even more than in the beginning.” Hallelujah! No wonder, Paul affirmed in our text that ‘what is to come is greater than what was past’.

Beloved, I urge you to get excited and forget about the challenges of the now, because your tomorrow is bright. The best days are ahead of you! So, don’t kill yourself before your time. Take it easy, love the Lord and do what the Scriptures say— your ways shall become prosperous (Joshua 1:8). Moreover, be encouraged, prayerful and hopeful. Those challenges shall pass, and a new you will emerge. Above all, be Born Again!


Hymn: Our God, Our Help in Ages Past (William Croft & Isaac Watts, 1708)

1. Father, thank You for Your plans (hope) and the power I possess in You.

2. I shall not die before my glory appears.

3. Father, let there be light in my tunnel-like situation (mention).

4. The grace and faith I need to wait for my time. Holy Spirit! Release upon me.

5. Please, pray for others; families, neighbours, nations and the church.


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