Philippians 4:19 (13): I can do all things through him who strengthens me. (NIV)


A farmer got a lucrative cocoa contract for which he bought a brand-new cutlass to work. On the first day, he culled 5,000 cocoas (Double the daily target) so that the manager gave him a bonus. As a result, he got motivated to work harder; however, the next day, he could only do 3,000. The third day, he laboured even more, and all he would extract were 1,000 cocoas. Subsequently, the figures dropped.

 “I don’t seem to understand the issue. I think I’m losing strength” said the farmer while apologising to the management. But, the manager asked in response, “When last did you sharpen your cutlass?”. “Sharpen? I had no time for that. I was too busy trying to meet my targets…” said the farmer!

 Beloved, have you thought lately on improving yourself (skills) for more efficiency at work, school, business or ministry? (2 Timothy 1:6; 2:15). When last did you spend quality moments with the Lord and your family? (Genesis 2:24). Umm…Perhaps, you were engaged in less valuable things! Dear minister of God, when was the last time you had a personal retreat? (Jeremiah 31:25). Oh! Even in the Christendom, we must refine our evangelistic tactics; not to depend only on the physical such as Peter (with experience in fishing) couldn’t catch a single fish until he got spiritual (Luke 5:1-11).



Work smartly, identify and seize the opportunity to increase your capacity. Also, pray for a profitable upgrade in every area of life because we can do all things through Christ, as confirmed in our text. Indeed, God has deposited in us, all we need to succeed— He has given us the Holy Spirit and the brain; so, sharp up, shape up and let God rest!




Hymn: Work, for the Night Is Coming — Anna L. Coghill (1854)


Father, I don’t want to be a basket used in fetching water. Help me identify my weakness and give me the means to upgrade myself spiritually, physically (career, etc.) and mentally.



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