Matthew 7:1-5 (1)
Judge not, that ye be not judged. (KJV)

“A couple on a capsized cruise ship realised there was only one space on the lifeboat. The man quickly jumped onto it while the lady stood on the sinking ship and shouted one sentence to her husband.”

The teacher stopped and asked, ‘What do you think she said?’ Most of the students excitedly answered, “I hate you!” Now, the teacher noticed a boy who was silent throughout, she got him to answer, and he replied, “Teacher, I believe she must have shouted— Take care of our child!” The teacher was surprised and asked if the boy had heard the story before. The boy shook his head, “Nope, but that was what my mum told my dad before she died.”

The answer is correct. The cruise sunk, the man went home and brought up their only daughter. Many years after the man’s death, their daughter found out in his diary that when her parents went on the ship, the mother was already diagnosed with a terminal illness. At that critical moment, the father rushed to the only chance of survival. He wrote in his diary, “How I wished to sink with you, but for the sake of our daughter, I can only let you lie alone forever.”

Beloved, there are complications behind many issues which are hard to understand. It is easy to criticise the father in this story simply because we’ve no idea of the reasons behind his action. And that’s why we should never focus only on the surface of a matter. Don’t judge a book by its cover!

There is a danger of a one-sided story. Before you take a position, make sure you’ve access to every information. As our text says, ‘Never form an opinion base on what someone told you about another. There are many backstabbers looking to trample on others to get to the top.’ Above all, let the light of Christ shine through you; to be an example of a true Believer in words and actions (1 Timothy 4:12). Be Born Again!


Hymn: Oh! To Be Like Thee — Thomas O. Chisholm (1897)

  1. Father, help me never to judge others but be light in their tunnel.


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